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Best online collaboration tools 2018


We are in the age where everything happens on the online platform. We meet, greet, buy, sell, learn, study – anything and everything can happen online. And especially with the boom in e-commerce, impactful presence online is equally important. We have the freelancing industry that is heavily dependent on the online mode of communication. In such a scenario, most of the communication happens online, and there’s practically nothing in person. This brings into picture Online Collaboration Tools. Want to have a quick meeting with your employees scattered all over the world? Well, there are a host of tools to effortlessly help you conduct conference calls. So let’s take a look at the available options when it comes to online collaboration tools:

Well known and loved all over the world for one main reason – Its free! Communicating becomes a lot easier as Skype allows interaction via multiple devices at the same time. Network issues may have marred your Skype experience sometimes, but it’s still the best bet!

Google Hangouts:
Another excellent option for online collaboration, Hangouts lets you chat, send messages and even video call. The best feature of hangouts is that you can connect it to whichever device you want, all you have to do is log in to your Gmail account, and you are all set. Hangouts on Air is one main feature which gives Hangouts an edge over other tools. Personal chats and group chats both are possible via Hangouts, making it a smooth, go-to option for many.


It is an excellent tool for those video conference calls, that too, in HD quality. Meet anywhere, everywhere on any device! Keeping in touch with your team becomes a lot easier with GoToMeeting. Plus, they have a whole set of options that allow you to customise as per the needs of your team and organisation.

Mailbird is an email management tool, and unlike Outlook (which takes a lot of time to learn), Mailbird can be absorbed very quickly in a short time span. Various features such as a one stop for all your inbox related issues, app integrations, customisation, multi-language support that is available 24/7 are few which help Mailbird make a mark.

A cloud-based collaboration services provider, Slack is becoming increasingly popular by the day. It is probably the best team messaging app out there with a bunch of features that make communication among your team easy and practical.

Zoho Project manager:
Seamless collaboration is what Zoho offers. Adopt Zoho in your organisation and get all your work done on time. It helps you to manage meetings, documents and integrate with your favourite apps. And it is already gaining popularity.

Hope this helps you to zero down to the alternative that is best suited for you and your organisation’s needs.

Post Election Reaction


What an exciting couple days in Virginia politics! Yesterday, we finally had an end to the U.S. Senate race in Virginia, when George Allen conceded defeat to Jim Webb and the Virginia race helped to deliver the Senate to Democratic Party control. Initial reports indicate that Virginians turned out in high numbers and that turnout among all young Americans increased by 24%, the highest rate in 20 years. Do you think the close Senate race and the high turnout will convince more young citizens of the importance of their vote?

As the dust settles from the election, our newly-elected representatives will govern based on what they believe voters care about most deeply. As they form their agenda for the coming year, what do you think is the most important issue for national leaders to address? A new direction in Iraq? Less corruption in government? An end to deficit spending? Or maybe, reform on the issues of immigration, health care, education, or social security? What do you think your vote should tell our political leaders?

GenGager’s Screen Blood Diamonds. Share Your Thoughts.


GenGage screened Warner Brothers’ new film, Blood Diamond. As part of our Engagement Screenings Initiative, this event was intended to spark debate and action on issues surrounding the African diamond trade. Please share your impressions of Blood Diamond on our message board below. What do you think can be done to effect change on this global issue?