Shower Doors: The Gatekeepers of Sanitation and Hygiene

When it comes to standard bathroom fixtures top sliding shower doors could be the most overlooked and underrated. While planning for a decent size single-purpose bathroom, one obviously thinks of the essentials: shower head and corresponding knobs, taps and faucets. Those houses having a combined washroom the main fittings that come to mind is the standard utility commode, hand-wash basin with a well-positioned mirror-cum-medicine cabinet, and a shower curtain, to demarcate the different sanitation stations. There are lots of people who are making use of this and the quality of these products is really good. There are many brands and you can select the best.

Shower Doors nonetheless are essential fixtures and their importance in any decent size modern bathroom cannot be underestimated. Make sure you make use of a top sliding shower doors.

Shower Doors are more than just demarking fixtures in a bathroom; they perform multiple functions of protecting our privacy, helps in efficient use of energy, and most importantly maintain the general sanitation and hygiene of a very personal sanitation space. It is important to elucidate some of its important functions:

Privacy and Personal Space Protection

There are not many places in our immediate living environment where we can protect our privacy and personal space. Since the shower is a shared space in a family home, social and community habitat, or workspace environment, every person would like certain privacy while performing the basic of daily sanitary and ablutionary rituals. Frosted glass or composite top sliding shower doors help protect that very personal space and also give every person their right to privacy.

Efficient Use of Heat Energy

Optimal use of energy does not only help in cost savings but in the long run, it can be good for our environment. Generally, most showers, in every season, have hot water supply but the bathroom itself is rarely a heated space. Shower Doors can essentially trap the heat, which in turn can warm the confined bathroom space. Use of an additional fixture not only saves energy but also increases the comfort level of the person doing their daily basic ablutions.

Maintenance of Sanitation and General Hygiene of Confined Spaces

Ideally one would like the bathroom space to be sanitary and hygienic, but generally, bathrooms and washrooms are wet and humid spaces. Humidity and moisture breeds and propagates germs and other harmful pathogens. Shower Doors can help contain the overall wetness and limit the moisture and humidity within a confined space. A clean and dry bathroom is always a desirable place and a simple elegant fixture could not only make the space comfortable but also protect one against unwanted infections and diseases generally diffused by moisture trapped in closed spaces.

Latest Shower Door Trends

Shower doors trends change just like any other. We are stepping into a new age of bathroom designs. Today, boring old shower curtains are replaced with a fresh new shower door. Sure, bathroom design is always changing but did you know the trends in shower doors are as well? The following are the current hottest shower door trends: 

Spacious Shower Doors

Shower/tub blends lost their style lately. In the event that you have space, a bulky splashing tub and extensive shower walled-in area are the classier option with a lot more satisfying result. Imagine having all this space while walking through your spacious shower doors into a spacious shower. These doors are usually the double sliding doors. You can choose to install the regal double doors for a castle-like entrance to your shower! Every morning would be like you just went to a spa!

Transparent Shower Doors

Showers doors our parents used, in general, have had protected glass. This is useful if you’re really into making sure no one sees you in there, however, it looks dirty. Current shower entryway patterns lean toward the straightforward glass, which gives a sleeker, more splendid, progressively roomy appearance and enables you to flaunt yourself and your shower tiles.

Frameless Shower Doors

Normal showers are held tight with an aluminium outlines with an obsolete, boxed look to them. Quite the contrary, the frameless doors are the ones you will find in magazines and five-star hotels. Frameless shower doors eliminate the panels and give your bathroom a magazine look, without much effort. They add to the sleek, minimalist design of the bathroom. They are the impressive detail that rounds up the bathroom look. 

Custom Shower Doors

If it’s privacy you want but want to stay away from that dirty look the typical shower door will give you, consider a shower door with custom decorative etched glass.

Changes in shower door trends are noticeable over the years. As we are changing as a society we care less about the need to hide and more about style and design. Strange enough this reflects on our shower doors as well. While our parents and grandparents cared only about the functionality of them, we are interested in the idea of design. The trends will soon be changing again, and we will be there to catch them.

We know now the importance of Shower Doors, but one has to choose the right material and design, taking in accounts the climatic conditions of the region to take the full advantage of the fixture. Traditionally these doors were made of Glass, either plain or frosted but recent development of composites offer a safer, cheaper and broader range of designs when it comes to the essential and indispensable Shower Doors. Either way, either using traditional methods or time-tested designs or by incorporating new materials and innovations, Shower Doors are critical fixture of any modern bathroom.